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Kitchen renovation


Balcony construction

Facade renovation

Window renovation






Facade painting

Floor sanding

Floor treatment

Spray painting

Ceiling painting / treatment


Stucco / Ornaments*

Veining *

Tadelakt *

Roman Vault

Marbling *

Stucco Veneziano *

Mural *

* Read more about what it means further down the page.


"Veining is a way todecorate, mainly wood. Often one tries to imitate a known wooden or stone structure, but sometimes the imagination is allowed to rule. Veining goes like striking a candle,pigmented, covering base color. When this has dried, apply a pigmented, semi-transparent one glazing oil which is given a structure in different ways, for example flaming birch, walnut root, charcoal marble. Veining ofstone structures commonly calledmarbling."


"Tadelaktis alime plaster-based surface layer material with several thousand years of tradition. A suitable surface can be stone, former plaster, concrete or modern wet room plaster. Any dry surface with limited movement in the structure is suitable, walls or floors. Tadelakt has been used as a supplement or together with tileandMosaic. This closes the material and makes the surface virtually waterproof. In order to finally get a more effective depth in the surface and further strengthen the water resistance, it can be treated withsoap made onolive oil or withbeeswax. The surface is polished to the required shine. The finished surface has a long, almost unlimited life and is said to be just as beautiful until the day the house or object collapses."

Wall painting

"Mural painting is onepainting on the wall, either directly on the surface – asfresco or painting on dry plaster – or in the form of a painting whichpermanent has been attached to the wall. The mural painting is a form ofarchitectural decoration which can either make use of the flatness of the wall or create the impression of a new surface or a new room."

Venetian stucco

"Venetian stucco is a decorative putty based on crushedmarble andlimestone. The product can be applied to both smooth surfaces o On the wall, the product creates different shades andeffects which gives a special andunique appearance.

It is often used indecorative contexts such as in bathrooms, kitchens and halls and special architectural elements, such as cornices andpillar.Veneziano allows optional coloring. It is sold under different names (selection): shaved lime, slaked lime,Venetian stucco , Grassello di Calce , Stucco Antico ,Stucco lustro , Marmo Antico , spatula,Marmorino, Eighteenth Century."


"Stucco/Stucco comes from the Italian word "stucco", meaning ornamental decorations in plaster or styrofoam. For many, stucco often means aceiling rosettewith perhaps an associatedcornice along the roof angle,pillar/column, however, stuck is so much more. Stucco is not just a material for decorationsCastle

andgentlemen's seats. It adorns just as much on oneoffice as

in a store or a modernapartment"

Stucco Veneziano / Marmorino.

Marmorino allows optional coloring, gray

marmorino gives the impression of concrete.

Tadelakt Marrakech.. A plastering technique with tadelakt, available in several colours.

Example image: Unknown.

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