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Welcome to Allbas renovation AB in Osby!

We onAllbas Renovation AB has more than 20 years of experience inpainting andrenovation. We are inOsby which is in the northSkåne.

Our strength lies in working quickly and efficiently but at the same time carefully. Before the work you want to do, we offer guidance and advice, so that we, with our expertise, and your idea can arrive at a good solution.

We at Allbas protect the environment and prefer to use onlyenvironmentally friendly material. Quality is also something we look for when choosing materials.

Our highest priority is that you as a customer are satisfied! Feel free to contact us for a cost estimate. We offer our services to both private individuals and companies.

See"Services" for examples of what we can offer and"Gallery" for pictures from some of our assignments. We look forward to working with you!


Roberto Molinari

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Phone: 070-497 35 56

              076-836 23 73


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